Design of Optical Fiber Transmission System

 news & events     |      2019-05-18 17:24
In the optical fiber transmission system of large-scale parks, to interconnect the communication links of two or more buildings, outdoor optical cables are usually laid between buildings. It consists of main optical cables, distribution cables, cable junction boxes, cable distribution equipment and jumpers connecting buildings. In the planning and design of the scheme, according to the interrelated characteristics of the buildings, the cables used can be divided into outdoor cables and indoor cables. For example, if two or more buildings are connected through skirt houses or corridors, Indoor cables can be used. On the contrary, overhead or embedded Outdoor cables must be used to connect. Optical fiber transmission system is the lifeline of the whole monitoring system.
At the same time, in the actual construction of optical fiber transmission system, in order to realize the connection, distribution and dispatch of the backbone optical cable to each optical distribution node, and to provide safe, reliable, flexible and mobile optical fiber and cable management equipment for the monitoring and transmission system, optical cable handover equipment will be used more often in the optical cable handover box. Optical cable handover box is a kind of handover equipment which provides end-to-end and jump-over for main optical cable and distribution optical cable. After fixing, splicing and wiring, the main optical cable and the wiring optical cable are connected directly by using optical jumper.
For the diversity and complexity of network topology, the number of optical cables will inevitably increase. Traditional solutions will lay new optical cables between buildings, but this solution will increase the amount of construction and user investment. For this practical situation, we can consider the use of optical fiber "cross connection" to achieve optical fiber connections between different buildings. For the connection of different buildings, they can connect the cable of the same building at the same time, and use a fiber jumper in the cable junction box to make the most flexible connection through cross connection.