The refresh rate determines the realistic effect and visual

 news & events     |      2019-05-18 17:23
4K resolution is four times the resolution of full HD FHD. In the same screen size, higher resolution means more pixels, which can get a clearer picture, richer and delicate colors, broader light and shade details, in short, better picture effect.
In addition to the resolution, the refresh rate of 4K display is different. The so-called refresh rate refers to the number of times an electron beam repeatedly scans an image on the screen, that is, the number of frames per second that the display can display, in Hertz (Hz). A simpler understanding of the refresh rate is the number of images that the display can display per second. The higher the refresh rate is, the better the dynamic effect, continuity and stability of the image display. It can be said that the refresh rate determines the realistic effect and visual experience of the image. It is well known that the refresh rate and screen resolution are mutually restrictive. Therefore, only by ensuring sufficient refresh rate at the same time of high resolution is an excellent solution, such as 4K 60Hz technology. Surgery is better than 4K 30Hz.